Episode 1: The didactics of pronunciation with Grégory Miras, University of Rouen, France

In this episode, I talk to Gregory Miras from the University of Rouen Normandie about pronunciation. We go over several misconceptions about accents, the development of pronunciation in learners, effective exercises to improve one’s accent and the challenge of assessing pronunciation. We also discuss his new book “Didactique de la prononciation en langues étrangères”, published by Didier.

Episode 2: The use of virtual exchanges (tandems) in the language classroom with Marco Cappellini, Aix en Provence, France

In this episode, I talk to Marco Cappellini from the University of Aix-Marseille about virtual exchanges in the language classroom. We present the different types of exchanges that exist and their characteristics, and then we reflect on the skills that these exchanges allow to work on, such as language and intercultural skills. We also give examples at secondary school, high school or university level.